Monitor your nitrogen generator from anywhere in the world! Take full advantage of the industry leading smart features of Potter IntelliGen™ in the intuitive Potter IntelliView dashboard. Simply connect the nitrogen generator to the building's networked internet connection and register your nitrogen generator. You will be able to remotely view the status of your nitrogen generator and any networked IntelliPurge® valves from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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The IntelliGen nitrogen generator is capable of monitoring a number of conditions to ensure all systems are operating normal. System run times, advance leak rate, and automatic bypass capabilities are all monitored and can be viewed remotely on the IntelliView dashboard. If the system is utilizing networked IntelliPurge valves, the nitrogen purity level of each sprinkler system can also be viewed.


Stay connected to your systems on the go. Any personnel assigned to the unit will receive an email notification alerting the user to trouble conditions or the need for maintenance. The email will also contain links to troubleshooting FAQs, how-to videos, and part numbers for maintenance kits and peripheral parts/products.


System leak rate, run time, and nitrogen purity are shown through easy to understand graphs that allow you to quickly monitor the performance of your IntelliGen units. View system diagnostic information within the last 24 hours or for the last year of operation. Easily export system analytics for spreadsheet reporting.


Manage multiple buildings or a campus from one location using the IntelliView dashboard. There is no longer a need to disturb occupants with a physical visit to the equipment in order to obtain status information.


System administrators can add and remove additional users to view system information and be alerted when maintenance alerts are triggered. Additionally, nitrogen system details such as building name, purge valve name, etc. can be edited to useful designations to indicate the installed locations of the nitrogen generators and purge valves.


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