Potter IntelliView® Troubleshooting

Purge Valves

Initial N2 Sensor Test Failed


  1. If the initial N2 Sensor Test fails, the unit will continue to retest. Wait for 10 minutes.
  2. Press the Start Purge button again to clear the error code.
  3. If the Er 1 comes back on the display within ten seconds, check the DIP switch configuration to ensure the elevation setting is correct for your sea level.
  4. Check to ensure the sensor cable is plugged in correctly.
  5. Check to ensure the INS-PV is not currently connected to a fire sprinkler system that is already above ambient conditions. Isolate the INS-PV unit using the ball valve. Wait 2 hours and return to press the Start Purge button.
  6. Contact Potter technical support if error code returns.